In 1793, four young boys became lost in a vast myriad of underground caverns and tunnels. They soon became disoriented, confused, frightened and alone; except that they were not alone. Only one child escaped. The child's frightening tale of what he encountered in the deepest darkest pits of the earth became entrenched in local folklore. The cave entrances were deliberately sealed up. Some believed that this was not so much to keep inquisitive young explorers out, but rather to keep something in.
Centuries later; this strange subterranean world was exposed to the stark light of the 21st century. It gradually becomes clear that there is a strange connection between an ancient line of descent and the mythology surrounding the buried grottos. The link transpires to be an extraordinary interwoven historical saga. Under the façade of normal life, and silently in the background, the entwined mysterious tale slowly starts to unravel.
Ancient Celtic hieroglyphics tell a tale of biblical characters setting sail from the Middle East to the cold North Atlantic Sea. It was a treacherous journey.  Could it be that a deal had been negotiated between paranormal spiritual entities, otherworldly alien beings and a handful of humans who had inherited a supernatural gene mutation? 

In 2011, the life of a young and talented stage magician, becomes interwoven with the plight of missing aliens. Plagued with a rare clairsentience ability, he becomes enveloped in the world of ancient Celtic legends and mystical beings. Pushed unwillingly into a paranormal detective mission, he also treads the sorry path of unrequited love. Over time, he unravels his destiny, his biology and his connection to the far cosmos.
Sacred scriptures, the creation of the human genome, lost biblical prophesies, extra-terrestrial conspiracies, demonic conjuring’s and magic that can distort every known law of physics – are all revealed within these pages.
 If you enjoyed reading my first book, “The Lines of Tamar”, you will see some of the personalities from "Tamar" making a welcome reappearance. Look beneath the surface as all is not as it appears to be. As with “The Lines of Tamar”, the inspiration for this book has its origin in alleged real historical events and true local folklore. Make of that as you will, but do take time to take a peek at the "research page"...
The caverns of Crank (as mentioned) are real! 
It is not compulsory to read “The Lines of Tamar” first, as this new book is an enchanting separate entity in its own right. However it would assist in understanding the background of people and places, if the books were read in sequential order.   

"The Unbeknown"  is a modern day book. The reader is taken on a journey to many locations, as global travel seems to be a feature of my writing. It is a partial paranormal mystery (as with Dan Brown’s books) and yes- it does have a Steven Spielberg flavour of secret extra-terrestrial societies, but the book also has a hint of humour and sentimentality. Despite having historical depth, scientific fact and mind-blowing content - I have intended it to be an easy and pleasurable read.

The book is also thought provoking, as I encourage the reader to ponder many unsolved riddles.
Was planet Earth once little more than a petri dish, growing cultures from a multitude of scattered seeds? If so; do we really understand our true biological genesis? Was a deal once negotiated between spiritual entities, otherworldly alien beings and a handful of mortals who had inherited a supernatural gene mutation? Indeed; why is the missing link still missing?
Peculiar and enigmatic, I truely hope that my second book will tantalise your imagination and tease the reader until the very end. Read more abut the ancient astronaut theory below or visit the Crank caves video page- also on this website...

Painting of  the secret underground cathedral ...
by unknown Victorian artist

The Ancient Astronaut

 Francis Crick was an English biochemist, who actually won the Nobel prize. In 1953 he discovered DNA. He believed that extra-terrestrial beings discovered our world in the distant past and decided to create “intelligent” life on earth. He claimed we have 223 plus “alien genes” present in our very own DNA. This was a Nobel prize winner!

Ancient astronauts (or ancient aliens) is a pseudohistoric concept based on the belief that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in prehistoric times.

Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of modern cultures, technologies, and religions. A common claim is that deities from most, if not all, religions are extraterrestrial in origin, and that advanced technologies brought to Earth by ancient astronauts were interpreted as evidence of divine status by early human


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