A PROPHESY from Biblical times 
A race against time to uncover family secrets from the past 
A climactic battle between good and evil

"Modern-day family saga meets genealogical detective story in this mystical thriller: an absorbing tale of twin sisters, their relationships and the ancient prophecy that could threaten their very existence.

The novel has been meticulously researched by the author who can trace her own family tree back to Tamar, the Old Testament character of the book’s title. Most of the novel’s action takes place during the summer of 2013 but the events occurring during that three month period have been shaped by three thousand years of history."


This is not the plot of the latest Dan Brown best-seller
but the debut novel by a Cheshire author who has finally achieved her long-held ambition of getting into print.

Sheila Mughal has penned her ambitious book The Lines of Tamar about twin sisters who find themselves on a crash course with destiny as they are related to a long line of twins going back thousands of years to a woman in the Biblical book of Genesis.
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"Congratulations on great characterisation; beautiful writing; a complex but totally absorbing premise and for writing a book to get lost in. I am aware from the reviews that there is an open ending, which I am thrilled about
as I didn't want The Lines Of Tamar to end. It deserves critical acclaim. I have recommended it to everyone."

"This is an absorbing book, beautifully crafted by a great story teller. It's hard to believe it's the authors first novel and I hope it wont be the last we hear of Sheila Mughal."

"Loved this book so much, it is beautifully written with an exceptional plot. I was totally absorbed –a very interesting read with a bit of everything! seamless transition between past and present generations, superstition and legend with unexpected twists and turns."

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As a new author I am proud to present my new novel "The Lines of Tamar".
Based on a true story (as far as theological history can verify) and mixed with other ancient legends; my imagination and artistic interpretation has been applied to create a mysterious story with many intriguing twists and turns... along with a tantalizing hint of truth.
The challenge I set myself, was to recreate an antiquated story with a modern 21st century essence, and in so doing presenting a unique novel which is intriguing, enchanting, hopefully compulsive reading ... and for a book in its particular genre - surprisingly full of music, humour & sentimentality.
 Sheila Mughal
A mystical 21st century adventure weaving together prophesies from Biblical times, Celtic legends, secretive cults and the folklore of Druids and Witches – this fast-paced mystery is a must-read for all fans of The Da Vinci Code; The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail; and Sex in the City!
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An ancient and hidden Middle Eastern prophecy from thousands of years ago with a secret cult following, unknowingly begins to disrupt and play havoc with the lives of two modern day women.   
Twin sisters who were adopted at birth each have busy 21st century lifestyles . Despite residing on different continents, the twins remain close throughout their adult life, completely unaware of their connection to a sacred lineage; a guarded pedigree which could possibly influence the future of humanity.
Unexpectedly and by a series of apparent coincidences, the sisters find themselves thrown back into a history of which they knew nothing about. A search for their birth mother uncovers a direct link to ancestors from biblical times and the stark discovery that one of them fatalistically appears to be reliving the life of a powerful woman who  last walked the earth over 3000 years ago.
As good and evil battle for control, the sisters remain oblivious to the hidden forces pulling at the strings of their very existence. Full of charm, tragedy, sensitivity and even with the occasional splash of humour - this is an old story told in a very new way...