Music from Clarah

  ​Clarah went to mix herself some eggs for an omelette. As she whisked the yellow yokes up into a froth, she sang to herself….  

However, for the moment he was driving with the window open and the sweetest of air was blowing through his golden locks. On the radio, the song “Good Life” by “One Republic” played, easing his journey with its soft melody and pertinent lyrics. 

‘Once a musician, always a musician,’ he thought. The lyrics of Tom Petty’s song “wont, back down”, resonated in his ears. The part about being stood up at the gates of hell, sent a shiver down his spine as Emmanuelle came back to mind. Indeed, he had been stood at those very gates.

Long journeys presented the driver with too much thinking time and he hated the road for that. He turned the radio up and played the Cults “She Sells Sanctuary” at ultimate volume. This was his favourite running music when ascending the San Gabriel Mountains range on a Sunday afternoon. The loud guitar rhythm drowned out his melancholy thoughts. Maybe the louder the music, the greater the silence inside his head.

Looking over at the tanned muscular man who raised her… the tinker with the kindest of eyes and big spades for hands, she had never seen him look so alive. A song came to mind. ‘With his sparse witty talk, he was cock of the walk, as he rolled the dames under and over. They all knew at a glance when he took up his stance that he sailed in the Irish Rover.’
She smiled to herself. That was her Da – the ultimate Irish rover.

Dear Océane, the prime ammunition for any demon consist of money, sex and drugs. However, we don’t force humans to crave money, desire sex and abuse drugs. They do that all on their own. We just feed on the evil already in their hearts. Sometimes, human fragility makes our jobs so very easy. Clarah’s leaving was a very happy accident.
Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on the human desire for excess.’
Now, they both giggled…laughing uncontrollably and sadistically for a good 5 minutes.