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The Lines of Tamar - The book that actually wrote itself and refused to end...
The Unbeknown - the sequel that started before the last book began...
Clarah - if you think what came before could blow your mind, think again...
When my mother Ivy Thomason was just 5 years old, she waved goodbye to her father as he set sail from Liverpool docks. The economic depression and hardships of the mid 1920’s had pushed him into finding work in America. My mother never saw her father again. During her long lifetime of 87 years, she often talked about him and wondered if she had unknown siblings in America. Sadly her destiny was never to be reunited with her father and regrettably she died not knowing if she had any half brothers or sisters.   
My mother (Ivy Green) passed away on New Year’s Eve 2008, but prior to this my brother Brian and I unsuccessfully tried to help her find any possible children Benjamin may have raised from his second marriage in America. It was primarily because of this that I became interested in Genealogy.
My fascination in family history was further heightened by the premature death of my own father David when I was just a 2 or 3 year old baby. I knew nothing about my father’s family from Daisy Hill and so my desire to fill in the blanks only served to increase this interest. You will note that Daisy Hill is mentioned in my book...
 Many years of research later and with a degree of addiction for this compelling hobby, my own family tree began to unfold. On my mother’s side I discovered some fascinating stories about the Mort family and along with Martin Watson, created a website dedicated to the surname of my Gt x 3 Grandmother; Ann Mort - www.mortfamily.net
Further research into my father’s side of the family and his Norman ancestry, soon had me nose diving back hundreds of years to William the Conqueror and then thousands of years back into biblical times.
 With the help of modern technology and genealogy software, I soon realised that I was a direct descendent of the royal house of Zarah, who the theologians amongst us will know to be the son of Judah. The name caught my attention because even though Zarah was originally a male name back in the book of Genesis, it also happened to be the name of my youngest daughter. It was nothing more than coincidence that we gave our daughter this name and in fact my husband and I thought we had created the spelling.  
I have wanted to write stories since being a young child; it was and remains to be my lifetime’s ambition. I had often started to write a book, but as a working woman with a manically busy life, I just didn’t have the time. So regretfully and despite all my good intentions, I never managed to finish anything. I did attempt to write a similar book back in 1987 which I called “The Line”, however this described more of an evil line of lineage. This former book was just a touch too sinister for my liking and gave me "writer's nightmares" and so I abandoned the idea for over two decades and continued with my usual industrious life. Then in 2014 whilst on holiday in Mexico I decided to change that situation and finally bring a book to completion.                                                                   
Fascinated by both history and genealogy, I decided to base my story on a woman from the bible. I was searching for a strong powerful woman from ancient times, one who would have a direct and formidable influence on a woman living in the 21st century. I had always been intrigued about the ability of the past to influence the present.  I  was also captivated by the idea of twins. As the only girl amongst three much older brothers, I had always wanted a twin sister. Aside from a personal longing, the cloning and duplicity of DNA in two distinct individuals who yet have separate souls, personalities and live individual lives, has always held a fascination for me. From my point of view this was always indicative of the soul being something quite remote from just a string of chromosome. We are more than just our bodies and so to me identical twins (genetic clones), proves this fact. As such I wanted twins to feature in my first book. To begin with, the only original blueprint I had for my book were just two simple themes; twins and some random woman from the Old Testament.  Add to that the fact that I didn’t want a repeat of the novelist nightmares of the past, and so required the theme to adhere to a “feel good” pleasant moral message. I wanted my book to be entertaining and easy to read, despite dealing with a challenging subject matter. It was important to me, that it also appealled to a younger audience.
I wrote the first 3 chapters without knowing the name of my biblical woman and of course I had to find someone. Searching through my own genealogy, I was again drawn to the name of Zarah. I discovered Zarah's mother was called Tamar, of which my genealogy software had calculated that Tamar Bint Epher was my 103 x Great Grandmother born around 1765 BC in Palestine, (hard to be precise on dates with an ancient genealogy that stretches so far back). To my delight, she had given birth to twin sons and this was a perfect fit for my ongoing twin theme. Therefore Tamar became my biblical female subject by default rather than by design.  Who knows? Maybe a book finds its author, rather than the other way around. Food for thought...
Other research then uncovered more fascinating facts, amongst these being a connection with the Anglo-Israelites and a geographical link to both the country of Ireland and the North of England, which is where I happen to live - part way between Manchester and Liverpool. These areas, along with Wales and the Isle of Man, became the backdrop for my book and the location did actually fit in with other myths and fables relating to the migration of biblical characters from the East into Northern Europe.
Once I started to write - the book literally started to write itself. Every night I would go to sleep and dream the next chapter, then wake early the next day to type it all down before I forgot. The plot was not pre-determined or planned in any way. I was often quite shocked by unexpected events or a twist in the story. The "Lines of Tamar" constantly took me by surprise. Maybe this is not a recommended method of writing, but for me it was free flowing and forever illuminating. My own book frequently entertained me. Reading it back (often wondering what I had written) some chapters would make me cry whilst others had me laughing. It is deeply sentimental in parts, often reflecting some of my own life experiences.

Over time I came to the conclusion that I actually wrote my first book for myself. If others enjoy "The Lines of Tamar"- then great. If not, then it didnt really matter too much as the experience has been wonderful and all consuming (as my family will confirm). Now I have finished it, I actually miss my book.

It was wonderful to eventually see "The Lines of Tamar" in print, but the far greater wonder (sprinkled with sincere gratitude) was reading the lovely 5 star reviews bestowed upon my creation. Book sales and royalties may have a certain appeal - but ask any writer and I am sure that receiving brilliant reviews from appreciative readers scores higher in their hearts. 

The Lines of Tamar was left unintentionally open ended.It seemed that the book that wrote itself, did not want to end. As a result, my small elite fan base demanded a sequel – and so a sequel was delivered. I had intended to take a two-year break from writing, but I suspect that once authorship get into your bloodstream, there’s no turning back. As such, please look out for the baby brother of “The Lines of Tamar”. Originally it was to be called “The Descent of Sheol” – but I later changed this to the title of “The Unbeknown” as I thought it sounded more appealing. As yet I need to decide on a route to market – but where there is a will there is a way – so my second book will make an appearance sometime soon - just not sure how.  "The Unbeknown" ... the story continues!
THE LINES OF TAMAR; Despite being based around some biblical facts, the resulting book is mainly (though not entirely) a result of my imagination and an assumed poetic license to create a fictional story. Any resemblance to any living persons or situations is unintentional. With no desire to spark a heavy theological debate, “The Lines of Tamar” has been written to provide thought provoking theatre for the reader’s entertainment. This is NOT an historical novel. The book is a modern day story about two young women rather than a bygone fairy tale. I jokingly refer to it as " The De Vinci code meets the Kardashians".  I make no apologies  for this as it was always my intention to update an old story from a bygone era, with a 21st century slant in order to appeal to a modern day audience. Indeed there are some threads of historical accuracy, but I have added to the tapestry by weaving in some modern day strands. Hopefully I have been able to bring an old story to a new audience.

THE UNBEKNOWN;  has been created with a new story line and new central characters, although some of the original cast from Tamar have also made a reappearance. This has been deliberate, so that the reader doesn't need to have read book one in order to understand book two. History is my passion, so I have put a lot of research into ancient legends and some strange science, in order to give this book some authenticity. The place named in first chapter (Crank) are indeed real caves about 7 miles from where I live . The Ouroboros grave I refer to is also real...and closeby  the caves.The legends surrounding all of this are true. I have simply created a story line from some actual historical mysteries. 

CLARAH; The next in the series - keep a look out in late 2017
BORN: Leigh, Lancashire and grew up in Newton Le Willows
PRESENTLY LIVE : (about 4 miles from where I was born)
WHAT ELSE: Married, 3 children (Martin, Liana & Zarah) and 5 Grandchildren (for now)
JOB: Sell IT services/software to the NHS. Former Nurse and Midwife
HOBBIES: Genealogy, local history and did I mention writing...
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